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Deliberate and Unafraid: A Weekend on Femininity and Strength.                      August 28-30, 2015

**All beds are full! Room ONLY for commuters. Call for more information.** For years women have gathered at Powell House for an empowering and fulfilling weekend, holding each other, laughing, crying, and sharing. As society continues to grow and change in our understanding of gender, how do we create and celebrate that cherished space while embracing the diversity of the lived experiences amongst us? We invite Friends to come together to build a safe and affirming space in which we discuss and expand our ideas on femininity.

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Fall Work, Contra Dance & Storytelling. October 2-4, 2015.

Come help us prepare for the changing season. Like to learn new skills?  Want to put some you already have to use? Bring your favorite tools, old clothes, and hearty appetites. Jacki will have lots of great food for us.  Glenn Morris, PoHo property manager, will have plenty of work projects, both inside and out. We'll make time to dance and play in the evenings. There is something for everyone in this family-centered weekend!

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Deep Quiet, Body & Mind with John Calvi. October 23-25, 2015

John writes: "Maybe you've been saying I'm going to do a John Calvi workshop one of these days. Well, he's been teaching and touching as a Quaker healer for over 3 decades. How much longer do you think you'll have the chance? It's not like either of you are getting any younger! This weekend will be a time of resting the whole body so that sleep is longer and deeper; ways to rest the mind so the noise of the world is washed clear from your thinking. There will be laughing and napping and release from the usual too much."

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